/8 blocks allocation statistcs and current use data

As by-product of bogons project I just posted about, we also got some
interesting statistics on how much ip space is allocated and used in each
/8 block. This is all available in nice graphical format at:

The data above is updated every day and I'm also entering this all
into rrd database and once I have enough samples rrd graphs of how much
this statistics change will also be made available (but before such graphs
provide really good view there must be year worth of samples or more...)

Try this in about one hour actually, I just noticed blue parts of graphs
are missing since I rerun data collection twice today (yes, known bug, but
I usually do not run collection manually and then its not a problem)

As some noticed what is shown today for statistics does not show as announced
ip blocks that are announced as entire /8 (3/8 for example). These are
processed separately as exceptions and it'll be easier to wait until all
scripts are run in order so tomorrow statistics page will be back to normal.

Btw, out of curiosity.. What would be the point of registering an AS number for route server?
If these hijacked blocks are supposed to be 'bogons', why not use private AS like what Rob is doing?
Wouldn't you rather not want these 'bogons' to reappear on the net?
Using private AS would be able to easily detect that if someone misconfigures his router.

Just curious to ask.. that's all..