Please Check Filters - BOGON Filtering IP Space

Our NOC is opening a lot of tickets for customers that live on our network going towards local and federal government sites
in particular.

Our customer - Angelo State U was recently assigned IP space They have also seen some issues getting packets to
government and other sites.

For example, USGS.gov was filtering based on an old bogon list.

Rob T - this should be a periodic FAQ:


At your service,
-bryan bradsby

DIR Capnet
Texas State Government Net
NOC: 512-475-2432 877-472-4848

Hi, Bryan.

] Rob T - this should be a periodic FAQ:
] http://www.cymru.com/Bogons/

That's a great idea! Everyone knows I don't send out nearly enough
email. :slight_smile: Seriously, we'll try to be better about sending out
regular reminders.


That's lovely: was "lent" to us by ARIN just last week so
we're in the same boat.


* Bryan Bradsby <Bryan.Bradsby@capnet.state.tx.us> [20050119 19:28]: