6To4 Transition Concideration

i have a Question about 6To4
in my understand (i hop is true):
Iana has set up the prefix 2002::/16 specialy for the 6To4 transition method
if i get a /32 from a RIR, Could i use the 6To4 to provide it ?
and in my understanding is not pocible
cause the client has to calculate the compatible /48 of his /32 IPV4 address and tunnel it to the 6To4 prefix of
please let me know
thank you

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No, then it's not 6to4 anymore. 6to4 is specifically the addresses you mentioned. If you use anything else, then it's 6RD.

You also need to run your own 6RD-gateway, of course.

Thank you
any documentation about 6RD ?
i don't want to do RA.
thank you