6PE on ALU


Running into a little problem configuring 6PE on ALU7750. All prefixes in
the IPv6 table except prefixes learned via my eBGP peers are getting
exported via MP-BGP:

            group "IPV6-LU"
                description "6PE config"
                family label-ipv6
                export "permitAll"
                peer-as 123

            policy-statement "permitAll"
                default-action accept

This is on SROS 14. The "advertise-label ipv6" command no longer exists.
"family label-ipv6" seems to do the same thing. For locally connected
subnet the next hop gets set to IPv4-IPv6 mapped address. I've tried
different export policies and cannot get eBGP learned IPv6 prefixes to get

Has anyone run into this before?