64/2 allocations?

Check with the RIPE community on their experience so far.

Two extracts from the draft report of the Local Internet
Registry Working Group meeting at RIPE 27 last month:

- Started allocating from
  More than 30 ranges allocated. Very few problems reported, have
  already seen some reverse delegation requests.

- Use of the available what-used-to-called Class A space:
  ripe-155 is an extension of ripe-140, covers additional
  procedures developed for A registry can have
  a class A and class C allocation at the same time, however
  you cannot have two class C allocations. (Can have two
  class A allocations) Miriam says the RIPE NCC already
  started allocating according to the procedures, there was
  discussion on the mailing list. The special guidelines are
  just temporary until the end of the year. She would like to
  hear if anybody has had problems, special experiences, etc.


Mike Norris