64/2 allocations?

This message is rather dated (LA IETF), but I haven't seen anything lately
on the same topic, nor do there seem to be any relevant RFCs; could anyone
perhaps point me to more recent discussions and/or plans to implement the
below scheme?

Does anyone have projections on when 192/3 will actually be exhausted at
the current allocation rate?

Does anyone believe the opening of 64/2 (or more likely, a segment thereof)
will cause a change in allocation policies or routing filters?

Is anyone aware of any problems with current equipment in the major
providers that would preclude the deployment of 64/2 CIDR blocks?

Has anyone considered the possible effects of IP space being marked
"atomic"; that is, not allowed to be sub-allocated to another AS (and
therefore hopefully precluding route explosion). Non-atomic allocations
could still be made from the 204/6 swamp to support multi-homing for ASes
not worthy of a /19 (or whatever the policy is today).


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