60 Day Termination Notice (fwd)

>> >We've already ordered a backhoe - we figure we can take out the T3 and
>> >bury the ENSS at the same time :slight_smile:
>> Don't you need an environmental impact statement for the EPA first?
>> I'm sure they wouldn't be overly pleased... :slight_smile:
>If I remember correctly, there is a museum that still has a few
>IMPs running, just for the heck of it. To do justice to the
>impact the ENSS-es have had, maybe a (now superfluous) ENSS might
>go this way too?
>Geert Jan

I still have the LSI-11 box (no cards in it, though) where I generated
almost all the Fuzzball software for the 56kbps NSFNET backbone on
prior to distribution to the nodes and after getting the updates from
Dave Mills.


And here I went and got rid of all my Fuzzball software...
Wait! I might have in on 7track tape.... :slight_smile:

I still have original floppies from the 56kbps dist. What were they?