60 Day Termination Notice (fwd)

Robert and Sean,

Robert Michael Gutierrez writes:

> We've already ordered a backhoe - we figure we can take out the T3 and
> bury the ENSS at the same time :slight_smile:

> > > BTW, out of curiosity, will the ENSSes get turned off, just
> > > shutdown(8)ed, or have the interfaces ifconfig-ed off?

I am interested in finding out when the IBM router will be physically
removed from our site (ENSS 128). Will I be allowed to move it or
will IBM have to be scheduled to come out and remove it.

My understanding of what happens next is that ANS will be contacting
the sites which house ENSSes and discussing various logistics. It is
true that the NSFNET Backbone Service is coming to an end, but
ANS will continue to be an ISP, so it could be that ANSnet will
continue to serve certain locations.

Seriously, we need the room. We can install 2 telco racks as soon as
it's out of the way (along with recovering a T-3 port on our microwave
bypass into Stanford).

  Robert Gutierrez / BARRNet Engineering

p.s...are the Larse T-3 CSU's going to be sold on the surplus market??? :slight_smile:

As of April 30, 1995, ANSnet is relieved of the obligation to carry traffic
from NSF designated regional to another NSF designated regional. Any
arrangements to exchange traffic with ANSnet will have to be negotiated
with ANS.