60 Day Termination Notice (fwd)

We've already ordered a backhoe - we figure we can take out the T3 and
bury the ENSS at the same time :slight_smile:

> > BTW, out of curiosity, will the ENSSes get turned off, just
> > shutdown(8)ed, or have the interfaces ifconfig-ed off?

I am interested in finding out when the IBM router will be physically
removed from our site (ENSS 128). Will I be allowed to move it or
will IBM have to be scheduled to come out and remove it.

Seriously, we need the room. We can install 2 telco racks as soon as
it's out of the way (along with recovering a T-3 port on our microwave
bypass into Stanford).

  Robert Gutierrez / BARRNet Engineering

p.s...are the Larse T-3 CSU's going to be sold on the surplus market??? :slight_smile: