60 Day Termination Notice (fwd)

The following message has been sent to ANS to formally issue the
60 day termination notice for the NSFNET Backbone Service. Many
of you already depend on an alternate network for your primary
communication path, but this is the final step in officially
notifying ANS that the service will cease.

It has been wonderful working with you all over the course of the
NSFNET award, and we hope that we will continue our fine working
relationship in the brave new world of post-NSFNET.


Roger and copy, NSFNET, and thanks for the smooth ride. Thanks for all your
patience and your help over the years, Elise.

It seems that it was not all that long ago since HWB, an now-unknown IBMer near
Atlanta, and I stood around the consoles on the IDNX switches in our respective
cities and watched the Frac-T1 NSFNET come up completely for the first time.

With fond memories of inside delivery, ABAM-type wire, target practice in the
swamp, power reconfiguration at PSC,...