5 NAPs Any savings?

Because of the fact that the NAPs are a status symbol. They are a marketing
tool that private peerings are not quite yet at. The mass market is just
starting to realize the NAPs existance and the whole evolution of the NSF
backbone into this distributed IXPs. Therefore, on that understanding,
AGIS is pretty damn elite.


Are they going to a bunch of IXPs because none of the TRUE big boys won't
peer with them over private exchanges because they can't justify the
traffic levels that the TRUE big boys have for private exchange peerings..
the only one I know a # figure on is Sprint's, which is 90megabits sustain>

Many different models here.. you have PSI at mae-east, mae-west,
UUNET and BBN at sprint, mae-east, mae-west, ANS at sprint, pb,mae-e,mae-w
MCI and Sprint at sprint,pb,mae-east,mae-w,aads.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Who cares?


ping -f www.sprintlink.net

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