4G / 5G backup


I am looking for a CPE product that can use the 4G and soon 5G cell network as backup to our fiber. The product should create a VPN back to our network, so the customer can keep his IPv4/IPv6 address and all other services running as normal except maybe at a lower speed.

I imagine this CPE router could use BGP to announce itself through both the fiber and the cell backup.

Are somebody doing this and what can you recommend?



There’s probably a dozen ways to do this, and a couple times that with regard to devices.

What I’m doing at home is a plain old Cisco router from my old lab with a couple 4G Cradlepoint modems. I load share across all paths (1 x DSL, & 2 x att 4G).

Unless you have a requirement to backhaul the backup path over the 4G, then I would avoid doing that for performance reasons.


you can take a look at Lancom CPE devices. They support BGP, have an
internal mobile modem + external antenna connectors. I converted a few
external sites to such a connectivity model already (IPv4).

The FortiGate 30E-3G4G could also be worth looking into.

Best regards, Karsten