-48DC electrical supply

Where do you guys get your supplies (wire, connectors, tools) for -48VDC stuff?

Graybar electric or Anixter. They can supply any of that stuff. There is not much specific about -48 VDC, just copper lugs, taps, and wire of the correct type and gage and you should be good to go. For tools from those suppliers I recommend both Amp and Thomas & Betts as reputable. The tooling is costly but mil-spec stuff often is and is often required for central office work.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

I use auto parts stores, if the current isn't much. Your typical thick
gauge battery cable can carry quite a bit and auto part stores are

Thank You
Bob Evans

For DC 'stuff' in general (wires, fuses, distribution, etc), I use

Make sure you get wire rated for 90°C at a minimum. Telcoflex or cobra wire is good.

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