/24s run amuck again

We all know that /24s have run amuck. According to the APNIC bgp
statistics (http://www.apnic.net/stats/bgp) view of the internet, the
current prefix distribution looks:

Routing Table Report June 08, 2001
BGP routing table entries examined: 106727

Number of prefixes announced per prefix length (Global)

I'd suggest you review your data. Checking our AS (7657) you list networks
we havn't had for 6 months advertised to a peer we havn't had for 3

Not to mention you don't even list a bunch of /24s we are advertising
(for various reasons (not all good)).

Where did you get this list of prefixes? I just checked the routes you
report for our AS (7018) and every one I've check so far is aggregated. Most
are /19's and /18's.

Michelle Truman
AT&T Internet Services