208/8 announcements

......... Avi Freedman is rumored to have said:
rob] Well, we're filtering them. :slight_smile:
rob] RobS
alan] Is anyone filtering these routes? From a customer perspective, I think
alan] it would be nice if my providers would do so.
alan] Or maybe these guys would filter them:

] Ah, but what happens when the NIC starts allocating out of 208/8?
] Avi

  Uhm, take the filters out?

   Obviousness Engineer, level III

And so how many of your customers have unreachability problems for how long
before you realize that the NIC is allocating out of 208/8?

<Insert levity, I'm not trying to start flamage.>

And is the NIC going to allocate around the 208/8 terrorists?