To the fellow members of the NANOG,

In a follow-up to the previous message I mailed from kai@netcom.com: was assigned to me from the Internic not even 10 days ago.
This network is routed from NY via Moscow to Almaty,Kazakhstan to give the
NATO Internetworking conference (Sept. 25-29th) IP connectivity.

The Internic is the sole and ultimate assigning entity of IP space, and
Sprint specifically rejected any support for me or my provider in obtaining
at least a /20 assignment from the Internic, I was given this /22 assignment
(while continuous usage of the link ensures this space will be used
up in about 3-4 weeks, with /26 assignments going to BelCom's leased line
customers) even though the Internic knew better about necessary route

I consider it extremely hostile from Sean Doran and hence Sprint to suddenly
come and announce filtering of just those networks they are announcing on
their own, ENCOURAGING OTHER NSPs TO DO LIKEWISE, bypass the ultimate
arbitrator (Internic) , and hence instantly endanger an event that has cost
BelCom, Digital Equipment Corporation and the Government of Kazakhstan in
excess of 250 man hours and approximately US$50,000 so far. I can only
strongly discourage the implementation of the prefix filtering for prefixes
longer than /18 in 206.* through 239.* , as the failure of this event will
result in lawsuits with damages sought that will positively exceed Sean's
yearly salary.

Not to mention, that I will ensure that the entire conference with 600
attendees and the Government of Kazakhstan will know about all of this from
a press release I am preparing this minute, and I guess Arna-Sprint/Almaty
can kiss some of their data licenses they have obtained from the government
good-bye, too, shall this engineering terrorism against Sprint's own
customers and customers thereof not cease and have the intended effect.

Did I forget to mention that Arna-Sprint and SprintNet's X.25 service is
hanging of a physical BelCom leased link, over there ?
At least until tomorrow. Welcome to Kazakhstan.