Vadim wrote:

               Ask us about Internet service in the CIS!
                Bringing Internet, where there is none

What a piece of "truth in advertisement".

(the guy who coined the word RELCOM if you didn't know).

I know very well, Vadim. But wherever I look (outside of say Moscow
and St. Petersburg) there is nothing but 19.2K lines connecting entire
cities. I wouldn't call that "Internet", but "laggy connectivity, enabling
mail and Usenet". A far cry from telnet,ftp,WWW.
And the last time I checked, BelCom was serving areas as a turn-key
telecommunications carrier that weren't even on Russian (pre-1986) maps,
and you had to drive a few 100 miles to get a working phone there, not even
talking about one that you can call abroad with.
You remember that too well, I guess.

Well I know Iaroslavl on the volga is not as far out as alma alty. But
almost exactly a year ago I had quite nice telnet connect from their to
chicago for four hours one evening.

You are able to do what you are doing in part because you are using
infrastructure from communications links that western oil companies paid
you to build to various siberian oil fields. true? (I visited your
offices in Moscow in April of 1992.) The New Yorker wrote these guys up
in December 1991.