2009.10.18 NANOG47 Community Meeting notes

Here's my notes from tonight's Community Meeting from
NANOG47. Short and sweet, for those who couldn't
attend in person. :slight_smile:


2009.10.18 NANOG 47 community meeting notes

Joe Provo calls the meeting to order at 1740 hours
Eastern Time.

Welcome to Dearborn, haven't been here since
NANOG 13. Hotel is very, very different.

Thanks for coming to the community meeting,
and caring enough to show up.

Steering Committee Report--Joe Provo
Program Committee Report--Dave Meyer
Mailing List Committee Report--Kris Foster
Marketing Working Group Report--Patrick Gilmore
Merit Report--Betty Burke

This is an election meeting, later on in the
session we'll have candidates for SC come up
to speak for a few minutes.

The mics are live, they want a dialog, not a

Steering committee members have
blue badges.
Betty Burke
Steve Feldman
Kris Foster
Patrick. W. Gilmore,


Highlights since NANOG 46
elusive network experiment policy reached fruition
annual Postel scholarship was awarded (could use
additional funding to allow it to continue)
Operator of Tomorrow partnership
Preparation for this meeting
Work on future meetings. Austin, San Francisco, Atlanta
finalized and published--next three are in the pipeline
Elections--why this is so brief!
SC candidates will have a few minutes each here during
  the Elections portion
SC and charter ballot voting is open
So are PC and MLC nominations.

Get your nominations in now, if you know people who
can help contribute.


program committee--Dave Meyer
review process -- 47 talks, 80 submitted.
People submit great ideas, but never submit slides
or even outline slides.
Program committee openings
questions for us?

If you know people who would be good for the PC,
please nominate them; it takes some amount of
time committment, but it's an essential part of
making the meetings happen.
They try to rate the talks based on what is
submitted, but at times, the material submitted
is very light, and the final slides don't arrive
until very late.

They had submissions that weren't complete; why
not turn them into lightning talks?

That's generally what they do with the short/incomplete

Louie--of the people who submitted good topics,
they might not want to do the work until they
know their outline was accepted...
They are notified that their talk has been accepted
so they can work on it.

Ren notes that sometimes they get similar topics,
so they might try to get the two sets of people
to work together.

Todd Underwood, for context, he'll note that it's
a standoff--really good presenters playing chicken
with the program committee.

If the narrative of the story isn't in the slides,
nobody who doesn't know you will understand it
from just the slides; you'll need to give some
idea of the narrative along with the slides.

And the archives are hugely important; make sure
the presentation tells the story even if you
aren't presenting it.

Josh, Rodney, Lane, Todd, and others have done
a great job over the years supporting the
meetings and reading through

Joel Jaeggli, outgoing PC member...the people leaving
have generally been around for 2 years. They've
been around since the new charter was instituited.

Procedures within the PC remain adhoc but not arbitrary
reliance on precedent
willingness on the part of participants to routinely
  alter the division of labour
responsive to SC input, but not beholden to them
  (within limits)
The minutes are out there, but nobody but Martin
Hannigan reads them...and he stands up to say even
he doesn't do that anymore.

Points of Friction over the past few years.
EArlier availability of agenda:
means CFP is earlier, ability to respond to industry
  events is more constrained, etc.
programming of joint activities
Distributing ownership of repeating program
elements and increasing depth of the bench
new program elements.

Big Wins
Lightning Talks
more breadth in presentations now
Peering track
better representation from more people
Newcomers (Ren)
Program quality

MLC members
Randy Epstein
Steve Feldman -- SC liason
Kris Foster -- Chair
Sue Joiner -- Merit Appointee
Simon Lyall

Policies were updated in August to reflect the thread
moderation policy

If you have questions/issues with it, raise them
on nanog-futures mailing list.

Very light since last meeting. A few thread
moderations, but not many.
10,448 subscribers currently on the list.

Volunteers needed
Kris Foster and Simon Lyall's terms are ending
Possibly a third seat opening up depending on
what gets decided later.

If you don't subscribe, read, or post, please tell
us why!

Marketing Working Group Report -- Patrick

What is it?
Email updates are sent to NANOG-futures
Idea is to raise more money to reduce costs.
Need a new chair!

New ideas for NANOG 47 and onward
Party Promotion
party on agenda, tickets handed out at registration
mentioned by moderator
Water Bottles
print name on bottles of water, or to-go cups
Break slides
name on screen during break


It's not as bad as it looks
Who wants to help make NANOG better?

Merit Report
Betty Burke
Thanks to the hosts, Merit Network and Arbor Networks
This is her first time hosting a NANOG!

It is a bit of work to make it happen, it's not
just a nothing job. A big thanks to those who
have hosted in the past--thanks to Lisa from
Arbor for helping with the hosting, it's been
a challenging and rewarding effort!

Contributors and Sponsors...big slide of people
helping keep the registration fees for the
conference at a reasonable level. Volunteer
help and actual dollars were both forthcoming.

Thank you!
Merit Staff Onsite -- if you see them in the hallways,
thank them--they're already busy planning the next
Merit Leadership
Merit Community Memberss
(many university members are able to come and see
what the NANOG activity is about since it's back
in Michigan now)

Attendee List -- online and sortable now!
Attendance Stats -- Online
good for trending data, SC and PC look at them
for planning out venues. Needed for contract
negotiations well ahead of time.
Meeting Survey -- Online
essential that people do fill these out--it really
helps shape what direction future meetings will take.
Financial -- Year End Highlights.

NANOG 46, PHilly
Revenues 289k
expenses 278k
salaries: 119k
NANOG 46 balance, $10,869.30

FY 2009 year end audit
difference of $3,512 due to unpaid registrations
NANOG46: $10,869.30
Total: $47,853.84

Steve Feldman asks what Merit will do with the
It is carried forward as a basis for future
contracts that get written for venues.

Todd asks what the total account balance is,
if this is fiscal year balance.

Joel Jaeggli asks how many contracts they
carry? There are 3 in now, and 2 more on the way.
So they're about 5x over-leveraged on the account;
it's not enough to cover even one contract, really.

Future Meetings:
NANOG48 Feb 21-24
Austin TX, Foundry and GigaNews

NANOG49 June 13-16
San Francisco Netflix

NANOG50 Oct 3-6
Atlanta TelX (with ARIN)

NANOG51 Feb 2011
Terremark, possibly Miami

June 2011 need a host

October 2011
Possibly Comcast, possibly philly again?
Lowes in Philly? Educause will be there too,
so may be more challenging to get a contract.

Election process--Betty Burke

During the revolution of a few years ago, it was
recognized that this needed to move into more of
a partnership relationship; and it's been mostly
a success, though there's a few challenges that
came up.

The charter is what guides the actions of all the
committees and merit on our behalf. Think about
the ballot changes during the elections.

From the charter:

6.4 elections
Delections will occur annually, at the last NANOG
meeting in a given calendar year. Elections will
be held via electronic voting on the NANOG web site
during that NANOG meeting, with voting to occur
over a period of no less than 48 hours....etc.

The website shows all the dates agreed to back in
May; it's run by the SC chair and by Merit, with
input solicited from many, many people within
the community; it really is a partnership on
behalf of the entire community.

Per the charter, the registration team puts
the logic into the sytem to determine who is
eligible to vote in each election. The
data is gathered electronically, and then Merit
announces the results at the end of NANOG.
But with the joint meeting, how do we know
when NANOG actually ends this time around?

So, we'll stay open on the voting until Weds
AM until 9am this time around, with election
results announced shortly thereafter.

There is a transfer of knowledge that happens
with the current SC team meeting the incoming
SC team; a new chair for the SC is appointed,
and the new program committee is organized,
including a new PC chair.

Merit helps facilitate and run the elections,
but it's all controlled by the charter.

Steve is up next.

2009-1: concurrent membership on mailing list
and program committees.

Summary: removes restrictions preventing membership
in both committees simultaneously.

2009-2: change name and duties of mailing list

Summary: changes the name of "Mailing List Commitee"
to the "Communications Committee" and expands the
scope to cover other forms of electronic

2009-3: clarification of Nomination Procedure
Summary: allows any member of the NANOG committee
to nominate candidates for the steering committee.

So, go out and vote!!

SC candidate Statements from those who are present.

Steve Feldman, CBS Interactive
He's done work on amendment shepherding, he wants to
make sure that the SC stays true to the spirit of
NANOG, he wants transparency, and he wants to build
a stable business model to help keep the meetings
affordable for people.

Henry Kilmer
Dorian Kim
Sylvie LaPierre
Michael Lucking, Telx
He's been involved for years; they've hosted one NANOG
already in New York, they'll be hosting another one
in Atlanta, and he'd like to get more involved in the

Christopher Quesada, S&D
He's hosted a NANOG in Seattle, NANOG34; also many
evening get-togethers; they continue to host and
sponsor those, to bring the community together,
to help foster the community. He'd like to help
make NANOGs easier for people to attend, by looking
at some form of annual sponsorship, so a company
with multiple employees could pre-pay for the
whole year for employees, rather than individual

Tom Vest

Duane Wessels, Domain Name System Operations
Analysis and Research Center
He's not a network operator per se, he first came
to talk about data analysis, and now he's doing
even more of that on the DNS side.

Lixia Zhang, UCLA

So, go out and vote now!
And survey survey survey!!

Betty wanted to also recognize that Susan R. Harris
is here at the meeting; she's been working on NANOG
meetings for many, many years while she was at Merit;
make sure you stop by and say hi!

If you have questions, come to the mic, and ask!

Busses will be out in front starting at 1845
leaving every 10 minutes--so come join us at
the social!

Meeting wraps up at 1638 hours Pacific time.