2000::/3 Being Announced and Accepted

I have been recommending to many friends to check in daily at http://irrexplorer.nlnog.net/ to make sure everything is healthy with their prefixes …

Today a colleague reported a problem with an AS58299 ad appearing in “their prefixes”.
I went look and was showing up on our ASNs too.

It took me a while (dããã) to understand what was going on …
Why was irrexplorer showing that prefix in our query?

Could anyone reach somebody from OpenFactory/NetShelter/level66network about this?


[LEVEL66NETWORK1 11:35:27 from 2a09:11c0::1] * (100/-) [AS58299i]
Type: BGP unicast univ
BGP.origin: IGP
BGP.as_path: 209844 49697 58299
BGP.next_hop: 2a09:11c0::1
BGP.local_pref: 100
BGP.community: (49697,1000) (49697,1007) (49697,2302)
BGP.ext_community: (RPKI Origin Validation State: not-found)
BGP.large_community: (209844, 100, 13)

The route has already been removed!

Agreed. This is a problem, and it has happened before. This is not
the first time.

I asked Job Snijders (a maintainer of IRRExplorer) about it, and
here's what he had to say.

I don't think he should set an arbitrary threshold for excluding large
prefixes from IRRExplorer. I think the prefix probably shouldn't be
being advertised. But is there a technical distinction between this
/3 and other advertisements aside from the size that could flag it for