2 Wire T1 - HDLC

Of course, this whole flame-fest is pointless.

T-1 can't be 2-wire.

T-1 is a facility. Circa 1962, it *carries* DS-1 format bits,
over 2 pairs, with repeaters every 6Kft (except the first is 3Kft
from the CO..). {Gee, the exact spacing of 88mH load coils....must
be coincidence..}

You can get those DS-1 bits (that's what really you
want...) delivered over: T-1, HDSL, as part of something bigger,
<RFC-1149>, whatever.

And 95% of the time, you likely don't care....as long as the bits
arrive. Just like the guy downstream does not care if you have
a cisco 9000 or a HAL 9000, as long as his service stays up.

Can we go back to worrying about things that SHOULD scare all
of us, such as MPAA, COPA, RIAA, and CALEA; rather than worrying
about the ghostly remains of RabbitNet?