"1997, the Year of the Backhoe" ...Re: Fiber Cut In Sterling VA.

Peter Galbavy writes:

> "1997, the Year of the Backhoe"

For those of us who have not grown up with the (what sounds like)
delightful vagaries of US road management - what is a backhoe ?

A type of "steam" shovel -- i.e. a particular kind of the class of
mechanical devices with a large articulated arm with a big scoop at
the end used for digging trenches and such. The details of what
distinguishes a backhoe from other members of the class aren't
important for your purposes...


So, what's a backhoe anyway? And do you think you can find a picture of one
anywhere on the net...say, at http://www.cat.com/products/equip/bhl/bhl.htm,