Today the network disappeared from the Internet, it is now reachable.

I went to different looking glass (MAE East, LINX, GRnet) and was not in their routing table.

Is it related to a major problem?



Yes. Not enough people understand RFC1918.


Including me, apparently, since RFC1918 makes no mention of 18/8.
And including MIT, probably, since that's their /8.

Unless somebody between MIT and the outside world screwed up something
involving RFC1918, and you're just being cryptic?


Last Update: Friday, December 20, 2002 12:31 PM EST

This morning the UPS system in W92-130 failed to protect the equipment
after a CELCO power event. This room houses a number of critical services,
and our primary connection to the outside Internet.

The system is currently operting in BYPASS mode and we are restoring
services in anticipation of repair of the UPS. The engineer is now on

While we don't anticipate further outages, such are possible as we do not
yet have backup power restored.

Network service in NW86 has been restored. It was down due to the earlier
CELCO power event

Ah, right. So the problem was, in fact, more to do with a small font than RFC1918. Sorry about that.