12u Colo+power in Level3, Orlando, TOMORROW


I hate to send this to nanog, and please direct all replies offlist....but this is a flat out last ditch effort to keep from losing a customer.

I need about 12u of space @ 380 S. Lake Destiny Rd, Orlando FL and AC power for it (details on that not yet known, 10 dell PE1950s), and I need it tomorrow.

This is the Level3 Gateway colo facility in Orlando.

We can do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever, just have to get these boxes online. Other facilities are not an option unless you can also provide a 1G crossconnect from the L3 building by tomorrow. :wink:

Root problem is that we got caught with no power...and L3 has no more power to give. :frowning:

thanks, and sorry for the offtopic.