128/9 cite

doug madory is asking me for a cite for the exciting 1997/8 128/9 bgp
event. my memory as reported to doug is

    soon after the 7007 incident, an engineer in a UUNET lab, not
    realizing they were connected to the real internet, used the hidden
    bgp test command to generate 128/9 chopped into /24s. took uunet
    down, but not before it propagated.

does anyone have a useful cite?


I definitely read a detailed research paper about that incident long ago but can’t find any link with any search keywords. But here is the NANOG archive.




Aftab A. Siddiqui

thanks aftab

i remember a bit more. the hidden command was there to help debug CEF,
which was new at the time. the CEFlapods wanted a large blob of
prefixes to push the FIB. it kinda pushed the operational FIBs a bit
too far :slight_smile:


That's the "old" archive. That was merged in the main archive (same one this list uses) a while back.

If you sort by date you'll see a number of threads talking about the 70k BGP table size (lol). It's a fun read to see where we've come from in 26 years.


Was this in lieu of flow cache and process switching, at the time :-)?