$110,000 for Gated Source Code


Please note that GateD is not publically funded. It is not
received any money since GateD transferred to Merit in
September of 1996. Please see my earlier message as to the
other facts.

Again, commercial companies ("money" grubbing" just like yours)
are paying to enhance the good of the Internet. I would appreciate
your getting your facts straight rather than continue to rave
incorrectly. You are welcome to complain but ***please*** stop
next time and get your facts straight. We have a low enough signal
to noise ratio on nanog without any additions.

Many of our Gold member corporations want to try to provide "entry"
level ISP memberships. We still are considering if we can
continue to support (***without NSF funding) the changes you
want so your "3.5.9" will work for linux and other OS.

So, please complain on. It's a free country and a free internet.
However, please.. please check your facts.

Susan Hares
Merit GateD Consortium