10gig coast to coast


I may be needing 10 gig from the West Coast to the East Coast some time in
the next year. I've got my ideas on what that would cost, but I don't have
anything that big.

This could be a leased line, part of a cloud with Verizon, NTT, Sprint, or
whoever as the provider, etc. I'm just looking to see what a budget cost
for something like this is, and who can provide such service.

Your help is greatly appreciated, feel free to respond directly or to the


Might want to be more specific. Catalina Island, CA to Buxton, NC
(home of Cape Hatteras High School) will probably be way different
than downtown LA to downtown Boston.

Fair enough

Seattle to Boston is the general route, real close.

It's typically that the last mile portion of the circuit is going to cost
you the most, so it's important to know those details.

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Also, what are reliability and redundancy requirements.

10 gigs of bare naked fiber is one thing, but if you need extra paths
redundancy, figure that out now and specify.

Is this latency, bandwidth, both? Mission critical, business critical,
less priority? 24x7x365, or subset of that, or intermittent only?

And are you looking for "dark fiber" or can you deal with a lambda? Can
you supply tuned optics for the passive mux carriers?

Dark coast-to-coast is going to cost you a few appendages. You may land
a lambda for a reasonable price depending on the endpoints, you'll need
an established carrier with DWDM gear on both ends.


all of these questions are valid.

The guys who will use it would love to have line rate on the 10G, for a single conversation, but that's not going to happen. So, there's a certain amount of expectation management.

For the purpose we're proposing, this would be an additional link to an existing office, a link for test/lab traffic specifically. We would run the lab management on the existing link (s) and provide some sort of restricted failover as well.

Sorry I'm not going into more detail, just trying to balance the need for some info versus ... you know.

This link wouldn't need to be 5 Nines, but with the office primary and backup, we can provide the connectivity almost 100% of the time.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, they have been helpful.


I'm looking for options.

With dark fiber, obviously, I have the ultimate in options.

However, its the ultimate in cost as you say.

The requirement we have is 10gig of actual throughput. Precisely what mechanism is used to transport it isn't all that important, though I'm certain that there will be complaints... :slight_smile:

I'd LOVE to have me some DWDM, always wanted to run some of that gear, but at that point, why stop at 10G

I've had pretty good luck with CenturyLinks 10G wave offerings:

Ethernet hand-off at both sites with IPsec or GRE provided a pretty solid
environment. You should be able to take advantage of some UDP blasters at
what the latency profile will look like for you. Otherwise you could always
thread the crap out of whatever it is your transactioning across the link
to make up for TCP's jackknifes along with other tuning.