10G standalone switch to access in data center, cheap


I looking some 10G switches, 24-48 ports, it will be work in DC in access. Something cheaper ( for port) than extreme 670 ?

Do You know something ?


Juniper EX4500 or EX4550, they have fairly small send buffers though, so
don't expect line-rate forwarding on all your ports.

Well, "cheap" (and new), i.e.

- take 1-2 Netgear XSM7224 with 24x 10GBaseT and 4x SFP+ (shared) each
- take 1-2 Netgear XSM7224S with 24x SFP+ and 4x 10GBaseT (shared) each
- take 3-6 Netgear XS708E with 8x 10GBaseT and 1x SFP+ (shared) each
- take 2-4 Netgear XS712T with 12x 10GBaseT and 2x SFP+ (shared) each

I´m still looking myself for something cheaper, like switches directly
bought/imported from original design manufacturers in low quantity.


most of tor, 1u, standalone 10G, switches have only 8-9 MB shared buffers..


W dniu 2013-08-22 17:39, Jeroen Wunnink | Atrato IP Networks pisze:

Take a look at this list. These folks are putting a commodity Linux environment with binary drivers to merchant silicon switches. Right now they support Accton, Agema, Penguin Computing and Quanta.

Arista without the price tag? :slight_smile:


Even without the linux distro these switches are probably cheap and usable with their default OS.

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